Dr Iain Werry

It is very easy to be blinded to the essential uselessness of [their products] by the sense of achievement you get from getting them to work at all. In other words - and this is the rock solid principle on which the whole of the Corporation's Galaxy-wide success is founded - their fundamental design flaws are completely hidden by their superficial design flaws.
[So Long and Thanks for all the Fish - Douglas Adams; 1984]


I am a Research Fellow at the Singapore University of Technology and Design and a member of the Augmented Senses Group here, with the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre, investigating new technological tools for the rehabiliatation of stroke patients. I have twelve years experience teaching at University level, I am the co-author of multiple papers and three book chapters, and have been featured in New Scientist.

My research interests are broad, but focus on cognitive interaction - the processes and biases shaping interation between humans and technology, as well as with each other - rehabilitation of developmental, neurological and physical disabilities, mobile robotics and behaviour-based systems. In my spare time, I enjoy science fiction, transforming robots, military philosophy, and miniature wargaming.


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